//Window Restoration Guide 101

Window Restoration Guide 101

Are you curious about fixing old windows? Aluminium window restoration is a great way of rejuvenating old windows for a fraction of the cost of replacement. Don’t even think about replacement until you’ve ruled out aluminium window restoration as an option for your building. In most cases, you can save yourself a lot of money and get amazing results, adding new value to your property just by fixing your old windows. Read on to learn more.

The Problem with Window Replacement

A lot of collateral damage can occur when a window replacement company goes about fixing old windows. Brickwork, plasterboard, paint, timberwork and tiles can all become impaired either structurally or aesthetically. Furthermore, the waterproof flashing lining breaks apart as the old window frames are pulled out. This flashing lining is important to repel water that gets into the wall cavity. There’s a right way and a wrong way to waterproof newly installed windows, and the right way involves removing and replacing 2-3 rows of bricks underneath the window ledge. Some companies simply cut corners and use a silicon seal applied by hand. But this seal isn’t always effective, as it can shrink and crack with age and leave holes for water to get in. For these reasons, aluminium window restoration is considered to be a better alternative to replacement.

The Benefits of Aluminium Window Restoration

It’s Cost-Effective

Aluminium window restoration is a cost-effective way of fixing old windows, using colours that give your home or commercial space a quick and easy facelift.

It Adds Value to Your Property

You might think that you need to carry out extensive renovations to add value to your property, but that’s not always true. A simple spruce up with aluminium window restoration can make all the difference.

You Can Choose a Certain Colour Theme for Your Window Frames

If you have your heart set on aluminium window restoration to match a certain colour theme, then you can have it. Fixing old windows so they look new is part of the package.

You Can Update the Look of Your Home

Get your windows out of the 80s and update their look with aluminium window restoration to complement the look of your home or office environment.

Less Mess Compared to Window Replacement

Window replacement can make an awful lot of mess and can even cause damage to your home. Aluminium window restoration is a much neater and less damaging process for fixing old windows.

Faster than Replacement

As aluminium window restoration is a less intrusive process, it doesn’t take as long compared to replacement. This means the tradespeople will be out of your home more quickly.

Need Aluminium Window Restoration?

If you need help fixing old windows, don’t look past the team at Window Doctorz. We’re experts in aluminium window restoration and can help you completely transform the look of your windows. If you’ve got a question or you want to book a job, call us today on 07 3800 2918.

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