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Aluminium Door Frame Repair & Window Glass Repair in Brisbane

At Window Doctorz, we pride ourselves on solving a range of door and window problems. Aluminium door frame repair, old window repair for double hung windows and window glass repair in Brisbane are just some of our specialties. If you have a problem with a window or door, including any necessary screen door repairs in Brisbane, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

When Do I Need Aluminium Door Frame Repair?

In some instances, aluminium door frames can be restored by giving them a new coat of powder paint. However, where the damage is not superficial but structural, with significant warping or corrosion, then restoring the door frame may not be a viable option. In these cases, you’ll need aluminium door frame repair.

Additionally, we can address any issues with your screen doors. Perhaps they’re sticking or have corroded significantly, which can happen in properties near the beach. If you have a screen door problem and need screen door repairs in Brisbane, contact us. We have years of expertise in window and door repairs, allowing us to deliver the best service possible.

Window Glass Repair in Brisbane

We have a team of experts in window and door repairs who conduct window and glass repair in Brisbane on a daily basis. Our customers are very satisfied with our service, as can be seen from the reviews on our social media pages. Next time you need window glass repair in Brisbane, call our team to get your windows back up to scratch again as soon as possible.

If you’ve got old double hung windows, you might be wondering where you can get those fixed. Luckily, we also offer old window repair for double hung windows to solve your problem.

Call Window Doctorz Now for Prompt Repair Services

Window Doctorz is proud to offer a range of window and door repair services. If you’ve got a window or door problem, we can help! Call our experienced team today and get that door or window fixed fast − just call us on 07 3800 2918.

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