//Why Restoring Old Aluminium Windows & Doors is Cost-Effective Relative to Replacing

Why Restoring Old Aluminium Windows & Doors is Cost-Effective Relative to Replacing

Aluminium window restoration in Brisbane and other parts of Australia is a highly cost-effective way of giving aluminium windows and door frames a face-lift. Compared to completely replacing the joinery, window restoration in Brisbane is a less expensive solution for aluminium that’s faded or corroded with the passage of time and weather. If you’ve been considering aluminium window replacement in Brisbane, why bother when you can get the same result for 30 to 50% of the price? There are also other benefits when it comes to restoration of aluminium windows in Brisbane or further afield, such as:

Less Inconvenience

When you opt for a complete overhaul and replacement of doors and windows rather than a simple aluminium door frame repair and window restoration, you will be hugely inconvenienced. A replacement job will likely take a lot longer, be messier and potentially require more tradespeople trailing in and out of your home.

Simpler & Quicker Process

When you hire a company to restore aluminium window frames on your building, you’ll be engaging them in a much simpler and quicker project than complete replacement. This means you can enjoy rejuvenated looking aluminium doors and windows sooner. A quicker job also means that you won’t need to work around tradesmen being in your space for as long.

Less Damaging

If you want to minimise damage to infrastructure, choosing to restore aluminium windows in Brisbane makes more sense than replacing them. You can preserve timber architraves and brickwork by making the decision to get your joinery restored. Everything will remain in place rather than being deconstructed, so you won’t have to worry about structural damage.

Cheaper Price

We’ve already mentioned this, but it’s worth saying again. If a 30 to 50% cost saving sounds appealing to you, it’s best to restore aluminium window frames and doors in your home rather than have them replaced.

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