//What Material is Best for Your Window Frame Replacement?

What Material is Best for Your Window Frame Replacement?

Do you require window glass and/or window frame replacement? Are you wondering what material you should choose in terms of look and longevity? From aluminium and fibreglass through to vinyl and wood, there are multiple options available, making it difficult to select the best one for your needs. Fortunately, Window Doctorz has compiled this helpful blog post to help you choose the best material for your window replacement in Brisbane. Continue reading to learn more about the different materials available.


Vinyl window frames are among the most affordable and low-maintenance options on the market. They can last for decades without rotting, chipping, peeling or fading with proper care. Vinyl has the added benefit of being energy-efficient and eco-friendly by helping to maintain comfortable indoor temperatures and reducing the need to use cooling or heating systems throughout the year.


Fibreglass boasts excellent energy efficiency and durability. The material can withstand fluctuating temperatures without expanding or contracting, which means air doesn’t leak around the frame. The consistent colour of fibreglass also means that minor scratches are difficult to see and don’t require repainting over and over again to maintain their aesthetic appeal.


Aluminium replacement windows and replacement aluminium doors are popular for their strength, durability and modern industrial aesthetic. Countless colours and finishes are available to choose from with aluminium window replacement in Brisbane, allowing you to customise their appearance to complement the architecture and décor of your property.


Replacement windows that use wood look more elegant, but they can also cost more and require more maintenance. The extra effort might be worth it given the extent to which wood window installation in Brisbane can add to the aesthetic value of a property.

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