//Restoration – How it Helps to Bring Back Your Old Doors and Windows to a High Standard

Restoration – How it Helps to Bring Back Your Old Doors and Windows to a High Standard

If you would like to update the look of your home or office, you might immediately think of aluminium window replacement. But here’s a secret that most window replacement companies don’t want you to know – you can get great results from window restoration in Brisbane at a much lower cost! Now that the secret is out, this blog post will discuss the process of aluminium window restoration in Brisbane and its benefits.

How Does Window Restoration in Brisbane Work?

Below are the steps taken during aluminium window restoration in Brisbane:

  1. Your window is sanded and cleaned thoroughly to give us a good canvas to work on.
  2. Drop sheets are laid down to protect your house during spraying.
  3. Plastic film is used to cover the windows so they don’t get painted by accident.
  4. A special primer is used so that the premium paint adheres properly to the surfaces.
  5. The final coat is applied, in a colour of your preference.
  6. Maintenance of the doors and windows takes place to ensure good working order.
  7. The worksite is cleaned up and all rubbish is removed.
  8. Aluminium window restoration in Brisbane has been completed!

What’s the Problem with Window Replacement?

Frankly, there are some issues with window replacement that a lot of companies do not discuss openly. We feel it’s only fair to tell you the facts. When a window is replaced, a lot of damage can occur to the window area. Brickwork, plasterboard, paint, timberwork and tiles can all be damaged in the process. But worst of all, your waterproof flashing lining can be damaged as the old window frames are removed. The flash lining’s job is to repel any water trying to enter the wall cavity.

It’s a complicated and time consuming process to properly repair waterproof flashing lining after a window replacement, as you must remove 2-3 rows of bricks under each window. Most companies don’t want to do this, so instead they use a silicon seal applied by hand to the edge of the window frame and the brickwork. The problem with silicon is that it can shrink and crack over time, leaving your windows vulnerable to water leaks, and allowing water to infiltrate your home’s internal wall cavity when it rains.

This situation can escalate further if you have timber in the structure of your house, as moist timber is prime real estate for termites. Termite damage can be very costly and can even threaten the structural integrity of your home. For all these reasons, window replacement can cause many problems for your building over time.

Aluminium Window Restoration in Brisbane is the Solution!

Aluminium window restoration avoids all the risks of damage associated with window replacement. There are other advantages too – it’s more affordable, restoration can be done to match the aesthetics of your home, it’s a quicker and cleaner process, and the results are stunning, instantly adding value to your property. To organise aluminium window restoration in Brisbane, call Window Doctorz today on 07 3800 2918.

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