//How to Decide Between Window Replacement and Repair

How to Decide Between Window Replacement and Repair

Not sure how to decide between window replacement and repair? Check out our tips below to help you work out whether your window needs repairing or replacing.

When Cost is an Issue

You might be thinking about seeking out window replacement services if there’s something wrong with your windows. But has it occurred to you that replacing aluminium windows is a lot more costly than simply hiring someone for aluminium window repairs? It’s true that window replacement gives you a clean slate, ensuring windows that will look good for years to come. But if you want a more cost-effective answer to your window problems, then it might be better to opt for aluminium window repairs over replacement.

When Structure is Faulty

If the structural underpinnings of your windows are failing you, then aluminium window repairs may not be enough. In this case, replacing aluminium windows will be necessary to get to the heart of the problem. When making repairs, you’re only tweaking what’s already present in the window. When something goes drastically wrong with the window structure, window replacement services are often needed.

When Repair is Not Possible

Old fashioned windows used to be easy to maintain, repair and replace, but this isn’t always the case with some varieties of modern windows. Some aren’t even repairable and must be replaced. If we’re not able to repair your windows, we can certainly go about replacing aluminium windows for you. Sometimes it’s not due to the type of window, but due to its age or condition determining that it can no longer be repaired.

When There Are Minor Problems

When there are only minor problems with your windows, it may not be necessary to call someone for window replacement services. Usually these kinds of issues can be remedied with aluminium window repairs. Sometimes you can fix a minor problem at a fraction of the cost of replacing aluminium windows.

For All Repair & Window Replacement Services, Call Window Doctorz

Window Doctorz is equipped to handle any aluminium window repairs or replacements. If you’re having trouble with one of your windows, don’t hesitate to contact us for an assessment and quote by calling 07 3800 2918.

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