//Common Window Problems That Can Be Repaired

Common Window Problems That Can Be Repaired

Did you know that many common window problems can easily be repaired by someone with the requisite knowledge? Sure, you can try to DIY it, but why bother when there are window experts out there who will know exactly what the problem is and how to remedy it? Below are some of the common window problems that can be repaired.


Drafty windows can make for a chilly home in winter. They can also make your home less appealing, as you’ll be permanently feeling cold from a draft, plus the can play havoc with your heating and cooling bills. Drafty windows are commonly caused by broken window seals, inadequate insulation, incorrectly installed windows, or window frames that are cracking and rotting. Most of these problems can usually be repaired without a full window reinstallation.


If your window looks cloudy or foggy, condensation could be a problem. This occurs when the seals between your glass window panels are worn out. Sometimes in certain climates, condensation can cause ice to form in between the glass panels of the windows, and your heating system will have to work double time. You simply don’t want condensation on your windows, as it indicates your seals need replacing, but fortunately this common window problem can be repaired.

Cracking, Warping or Rotting

If you notice cracking, warping or rotting of the window frame, it could be because the windows were initially not installed correctly, or it could be due to temperature changes which the wood of the frame has trouble adjusting to. When a window moves out of shape, it creates a draft and lets in moisture which can cause your window frame to rot. In addition, this moisture can lead to mould growing on your window or behind walls.


Faulty windows are extremely annoying, and potentially very dangerous. A window can be faulty in numerous ways – it might stick, be hard to open or close, or need to be propped up to stay open. If you want to open your window to let some fresh air in, it can be a major undertaking if it’s faulty. This can lead to a lot of inconvenience. But it doesn’t have to be that way, as window faults can often be repaired.

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